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Getting There

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Acacia: An All-Size-Accepting, Health-Positive, Body-Loving Girl
Female, 20 y/o, Boston/Baltimore
I have goals, but I am more interested in seeing results in the form of a healthier body. Talk to me, follow me, join in my journey to a better lifestyle!

In the past month I have lost:
  • .5 inch off my waist
  • .5 inch off my hips
  • Stayed the same with my thighs :(
  • .5 inch off my upper arm
  • A total of about 10 pounds
I can now do 50 straight minutes on the elliptical, when just a month ago I was sweaty and  breathing hard after just 20.

These are probably such small victories compared to some, but I am super proud of myself for having stuck with this for a whole month. And even seeing just half an inch come off me gives me such a confidence boost!

— 2 years ago
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I do this twice a day, once in the morning before breakfast, and then before dinner. I’ve only done it for one day, but I saw one thigh gap! I don’t know if that’s just me that it works like this, but it’s awesome. Good luck to you guys!

This looks awesome- but I feel like I’m watching porn or something. These women have that awkward eye contact and weird noises…

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